Witter ZX202EU Porte-vélos fixé sur un attelage (2 vélos)

pour VW MULTIVAN T7 (STM, STN) 2021—

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Fabricant Witter
Référence ZX202EU
Porte-vélos Porte-vélos fixé sur un attelage
Nombre de vélos 2 vélos
Charge utile maximale (Kg) 34
Diamètre des pneus de vélos (mm) 60
Temps de montage de [min] 15
Extension 3ème vélo Non
Empattement maximal (mm) 1300
Temps de montage jusqu'à [min] 30
Griffes détachables Non
Garantie 3 ans
Poids max par vélo (kg) 17
Nom du produit Witter ZX202EU Porte-vélos fixé sur un attelage (2 vélos)
Compatible uniquement sur les attelages standards Non
Pliable pour faciliter le rangement Non
Distance entre les rails (mm) 160
Empattement du porte-vélo 600
Validation TUEV/DEKRA Non
Lumière standard
Dispositif antivol Non
Pré-équipé Non
Diamètre du cadre de vélo (mm) 60
Mécanisme de charnière Oui
Extension 4ème vélo Non
Poids [kg] 15.5
The ZX202EU bike carrier from Witter is platform based and takes up to two cycles of any size including a child’s. The bike carrier clamps direclty to the towball using an adjuster screw making it suitable for any type of towbar.
- The carrier comes with one support arm and a cycle retaining strap to hold the cycles into position.
- Easy coupling which fits most towbars
- Improved cycle support arms fasten your bike safely to the cycle carrier.
- Wheel handles on cycle support arms can be upgraded to lockable handles to secure cycles to the carrier
- Tilts with cycles loaded for easy access to the vehicle’s boot
- The low platform makes it easy for cycles to be loaded and unloaded
- Adjustable wheel holders accommodate most cycle sizes
- Supplied with light board and NEW 2in1 electric plug to accommodate both 7pin and 13pin sockets—no adaptor needed

Carrier requires an initial assembly taking approx. 50 minutes (instructions are included in the box)

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